Uniform rental

Our uniform rental system contributes to cost reduction, improvement of work environment and image of companies.

About Uniform Rental Services

Please select colors and designs that match your vision from the extensive catalog. You will have a contract after deciding the delivery schedule and the number of uniforms that you need. As part of our full rental service, we pick up and clean the soiled uniforms. We also mend them and deliver hygienically cleaned uniforms back to the customers.

Low overhead improves a company's image

There is no need to purchase a uniform in-house. There is no fuss over any changes in number of employees. Cost and labor cost management and storage space is also reduced. You can leave the cleaning of hard-to-reach buttons and fasteners all to us.

It is possible to achieve the requirements of difficult health standards. The feelings of employees wearing and impression of people are also improved.

Uniform rental system

Lead to the improvement of the company's image and restaurants,
uniforms are always clean and comfortable.

Restaurant Business

In the restaurant, uniforms are easy to soil. Uniforms are of kitchen staffs require frequent cleaning, durability and antifouling material. The selection of designs helps the restaurant make an impression.

Service Hospitality

Chemical agents and cosmetics are used in beauty salons and massage shops. We value uniforms without compromising on design, durability, comfort nor antifouling properties.

Railroad and Airplane Service Industry

Your customers will have the sense of security and trust as they look at your clean uniforms. The impression of reliable pilots and crew are reflected on the cleanliness of uniforms as they always look brand-new. We proudly introduce our service for repairing and cleaning uniforms.


Our uniforms are appropriate for food and beverage factories and precision equipment factories, also in the strict environments management criteria. When factory staff wear uniforms, comfort and safety will be the key for improvement of working performances. It also helps to prevent contamination.

Hospitals and Nursing Care Facilities

Our products are not only focused on safety and health management perspective but it also brings the sense of security to people who are treated in those facilities. We suggest that uniforms of care givers need to give the impression..

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