Linen supply

We always welcome you with clean and beautiful linens with the best quality.

The best quality with safety stocks

Tetsudo Linen Service offers linens at your request. Our products are examined repeatedly and in the best quality under a consistent management system.

In our own factory of specialty linen supply, we are committed to stable supply and the most thorough inventory check for our customer’s peace of mind.

The customer pays but a minimum

The linen supply system, without the need for purchase and washing and management of your product, you can use the products of the same quality at all times.

Labor costs that are required to manage and store are also minimal, there is a big advantage in this management aspect.


Linen supply system

We have been handling sheets, cloth, towels, uniforms and various types of linens.


Customer satisfaction relies on the comfort of the pillow case and bed sheets, luxury bathrobes and towels, conditions are essential and affect heavily the impression of the hotel. We always welcome our customers at the height of everlasting quality.

Restaurant, Banquet

Tablecloths and napkins, of course, beauty with a feeling of cleanliness of uniforms and pure white cook's coats will improve the impression of the restaurant. We carefully respond to your request on colors and designs.

JR Passenger Train and Passenger Aircraft

As indicated by the name of Tetsudo (mean Railroad in Japanese) Linen Service, we started from linen supply services of JR passenger train supplies. From many years of the experience, we have earned a great deal of customers trust.

Sports Club, Spa, Beauty Salon

In Beauty salons and bath facilities, the need of strict hygiene management and equivalent to hotel grade is growing. Please use our linen supply service to manage the high quality efficiently at low cost.

Hospitals and Nursing Care Facilities

Tetsudo Linen Service provides the service when you need to conduct the field check under strict hygiene management.

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